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Presenting the best version of yourself at all times can be tricky for most people, especially those who find themselves too busy to know where to start when it comes to fashion. At Kanha the supermarket, our talented style consultants will ensure that you are looking as sharp as possible. We can help you discover your own personal sense of style, as well as making sure that you are appropriately dressed for every occasion. We’re based in Harsola, and our services include personal shopping, closet audits, and wardrobe consultation. Get in touch by calling +916264563045.

Closet audits

Never worry again about all the old clothes and outfits you need to discard – we can audit your closet for you. We know how hard it can be to get rid of well-loved clothes, so we’ll provide a neutral eye to go through your closet and help you re-purpose your classic gear. We’ll work with you to decide what outfits and pieces of clothing should be retired, as well as what you should replace them with so you can become stylish once again.

Personal Shopping

Maybe you’re the type who’s never satisfied with the clothes you see on the high street, or perhaps you buy clothes just to never wear them again. With our personal shopping service, we can target quirkier, off-the-radar shops that work with your style, and we can match outfits to make your wardrobe come alive. As fashion experts, we know where to go to find the best new looks – let us help you today.


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